decathorpe on fedora

Hello there! My name is Fabio Valentini, and I study Computer Science and Chemistry at the University of Innsbruck, Austria. I am a fairly recent newcomer to the "official fedora contributors" (although I have been building packages in COPR for quite some time now).

I am currently the maintainer of the elementary apps and Pantheon DE packages in fedora 25 and rawhide, and I am in the process of packaging syncthing and its dependencies for fedora.

Packages currently owned by me (60)

package in fedora description
appcenter PkgDB entry Software Center
audience PkgDB entry Video Player
capnet-assist PkgDB entry Captive Portal assistant for Pantheon
cerbere PkgDB entry Pantheon session watchdog
cmake-elementary PkgDB entry CMake modules shared by elementary software
contractor PkgDB entry Desktop extension / sharing service
egtk PkgDB entry GTK+ Theme (deprecated, retired in f26+)
elementary-theme PkgDB entry GTK+ Theme
gala PkgDB entry Window Manager for Pantheon
golang-github-AudriusButkevicius-go-nat-pmp PkgDB entry Go language client for the NAT-PMP protocol
golang-github-bkaradzic-go-lz4 PkgDB entry Port of LZ4 lossless compression algorithm to Go
golang-github-calmh-du PkgDB entry Disk Usage Information library for Go
golang-github-calmh-luhn PkgDB entry Luhn-mod-N implementation in Go
golang-github-calmh-xdr PkgDB entry XDR enc/decoder for Go
golang-github-chmduquesne-rollinghash PkgDB entry Some rolling checksum implementations in go
golang-github-cznic-mathutil PkgDB entry Supplemental utilities for Go's rand and math packages
golang-github-d4l3k-messagediff PkgDB entry Generate diffs of arbitrary structs in Go
golang-github-gobwas-glob PkgDB entry Globbing library for Go
golang-github-jackpal-gateway PkgDB entry Discovering the address of a LAN gateway in go
golang-github-minio-sha256-simd PkgDB entry SHA256 implementation using SIMD instructions for Go
golang-github-oschwald-maxminddb-golang PkgDB entry MaxMind DB Reader for Go
golang-github-petermattis-goid PkgDB entry Programmatic retrieval of goroutine IDs
golang-github-remyoudompheng-bigfft PkgDB entry Big integer multiplication library using FFT for Go
golang-github-sasha-s-go-deadlock PkgDB entry Online deadlock detection in go
golang-github-thejerf-suture PkgDB entry Supervisor trees for Go
golang-github-vitrun-qart PkgDB entry Generator of not-so-ugly QR codes
golang-github-zillode-notify PkgDB entry File system event notification library on steroids
granite PkgDB entry GTK+ Widgets shared by elementary software
maya-calendar PkgDB entry Calendar Application
noise PkgDB entry Music Player and Library Viewer
pandora-wallpapers PkgDB entry Wallpaper collection for Pantheon
pantheon-calculator PkgDB entry Calculator Application
pantheon-files PkgDB entry File Manager
pantheon-photos PkgDB entry Pantheon photo manager and viewer
pantheon-session-settings PkgDB entry Session configuration files for Pantheon
pantheon-terminal PkgDB entry Terminal Application
scratch-text-editor PkgDB entry Text Editor
screenshot-tool PkgDB entry Screenshot Tool
slingshot-launcher PkgDB entry Application Launcher for Pantheon
snap-photobooth PkgDB entry Webcam Application
switchboard PkgDB entry Settings Hub
switchboard-plug-a11y PkgDB entry Switchboard Accessibility plug
switchboard-plug-applications PkgDB entry Switchboard Applications plug
switchboard-plug-bluetooth PkgDB entry Switchboard Bluetooth plug
switchboard-plug-display PkgDB entry Switchboard Display plug
switchboard-plug-keyboard PkgDB entry Switchboard Keyboard plug
switchboard-plug-mouse-touchpad PkgDB entry Switchboard Mouse & Touchpad plug
switchboard-plug-networking PkgDB entry Switchboard Networking plug
switchboard-plug-notifications PkgDB entry Switchboard Notifications plug
switchboard-plug-printers PkgDB entry Switchboard Printers plug
wingpanel PkgDB entry Top Panel for Pantheon
wingpanel-indicator-ayatana PkgDB entry Ayatana indicator compatibility for wingpanel
wingpanel-indicator-bluetooth PkgDB entry Bluetooth indicator for wingpanel
wingpanel-indicator-datetime PkgDB entry Date and Time indicator for wingpanel
wingpanel-indicator-keyboard PkgDB entry Keyboard indicator for wingpanel
wingpanel-indicator-network PkgDB entry Network indicator for wingpanel
wingpanel-indicator-notifications PkgDB entry Notifications indicator for wingpanel
wingpanel-indicator-power PkgDB entry Power indicator for wingpanel
wingpanel-indicator-session PkgDB entry Session indicator for wingpanel
wingpanel-indicator-sound PkgDB entry Sound indicator for wingpanel

Co-Maintained Packages (3)

package in fedora description
elementary-icon-theme PkgDB entry Icon theme for elementary
golang-bitbucket-kardianos-osext PkgDB entry Extensions to go's os package
plank PkgDB entry Stupidly simple dock

Packages being prepared for review (26)

These packages are only available via my elementary-stable COPR repository yet, but I'm currently polishing them up for submitting for review and pushing to fedora rawhide and 25.

package upstream comment
golang-github-AudriusButkevicius-cli Upstream URL RHBZ#1431761
golang-github-cznic-b Upstream URL RHBZ#1431741
golang-github-cznic-fileutil Upstream URL RHBZ#1431732
golang-github-cznic-internal Upstream URL RHBZ#1431740
golang-github-cznic-lldb Upstream URL RHBZ#1431745
golang-github-cznic-ql Upstream URL RHBZ#1431748
golang-github-cznic-sortutil Upstream URL RHBZ#1431735
golang-github-cznic-strutil Upstream URL RHBZ#1431736
golang-github-cznic-zappy Upstream URL RHBZ#1431743
golang-github-edsrzf-mmap-go Upstream URL RHBZ#1431568
golang-github-oschwald-geoip2-golang Upstream URL RHBZ#1431763
impallari-raleway-fonts Upstream URL RHBZ#1431450
pantheon-agent-polkit Upstream URL upstream issues preventing proper packaging
pantheon-greeter Upstream URL upstream bugs + downstream bugs
switchboard-plug-about Upstream URL patch needs rebasing for most recent release
switchboard-plug-datetime Upstream URL
switchboard-plug-locale Upstream URL doesn't seem to work on fedora
switchboard-plug-pantheon-shell Upstream URL upstream issues preventing proper packaging
switchboard-plug-parental-controls Upstream URL should confirmably work prior to submitting
switchboard-plug-power Upstream URL
switchboard-plug-security-privacy Upstream URL should confirmably work prior to submitting
switchboard-plug-sharing Upstream URL
switchboard-plug-useraccounts Upstream URL should confirmably work prior to submitting
syncthing Upstream URL RHBZ#1427634
syncthing-gtk Upstream URL
syncthing-inotify Upstream URL RHBZ#1431868

Packages with yet unresolved FTBFS issues on fedora (4)

package upstream comment
gsignond Upstream URL FTBFS on fedora 25 and rawhide
libgsignon-glib Upstream URL dep: gsignond
pantheon-mail Upstream URL dep: switchboard-plug-onlineaccounts
switchboard-plug-onlineaccounts Upstream URL dep: libgsignon-glib